Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy family!!

Mom and Dad came home after a bike ride and found that Nana just propped me up next to the sofa, and...voila! I entertain myself!
Thanks Nana! I love my new, interesting, way of standing all on my own!

Feel free to insert your own caption;-)
Being the publisher of our blog allows me a certain leeway to choose whom I embarrass, and how.
Sorry Mel :-o


Anonymous said...

"Let's see, Eloise is HOW many months old?" or "Hey, I forgot to polish these middle two fingers!" Mom

Willy said...

....or how about....
"I love doing the research for Pasteur Institute here at home..."

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the "Happy Family" picture. How do I print it off to hang on my board?

As for the make you own caption shot...The glasses just leave me speechless. I can't think of a thing :)
Love AC