Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thanks to Nana's friends Eileen and Carl, and Nana's Christmas gift we are enjoying an amazing time in a fab apartment overlooking the Mediterranean in Llança Spain.

On the way, while still in France, we crossed a huge bridge called the Viaduc du Millau.

First night in Spain; Tapas with Sangria...what else?

Our first day, and off to the beach we went! This is the view from above the cove where we were hanging out. That's Llança, and it's port, in the background.

We went for a walk inland to the historical-center of Llança. About a 10-15 minute walk from "our" place on the beach.

BBQ on the terrace! Pyrenees Mtns in the background, beach just behind the camera.

The port at night.

Making good use of Eileen's beach toys!

Mommy at the fresh-fish market. And I mean "FRESH!"; as in, just off the boat fresh.

The building where the apt is has a pool. Much to my delight!!!

Mom and dad took me on a glass-bottom-boat trip! We saw amazing caves where pirates used to hide-out! Aaarrgghh!!!!
And check out our Capitan...Now you know where Elvis really is;-)

An evening trip to the home of Salvador Dali, Figueres. As you can see the Salvador Dali museum is an acid trip waiting to happen! Mommy told me that he used to put honey on his mustache so that flies would come and tell him what to paint. Trippy indeed.

On the way to Figueres we saw an amazing sunset over the Pyrenees.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now that we are over jet-lag, have unpacked (well, almost!) and are settling back into our daily routines, we can now tell the world about our wonderful trip to the US.

Our travels from Paris to Columbus, Ohio to see grand-ma and grand-pa were filled with obstacles! Started with a power failer at the Paris airport and then of course with us missing our flight and spending the night in washington with out suitcases and with a puky dress! My mom was a mess, but I was happy in her t-shirt eating my mac and cheese!

The next morning was a little difficult. We had to get up at 4AM for our flight! But again, I was content... Mommy sais I am a great traveler!

Finally we arrived in Ohio. We were lucky to be greeted by a 4th of july parade (one week early), which we were part of! Thank you grand-pa for such a greeting!

Grand-ma too was very welcoming, and she introduced me to a great book; drummer Hoff. To read this book you need to put an eye patch on, whichis so much fun! And of course the best part, I can be in grand-ma's arms!

A few days after arriving and settling in with the english language and my cousins Hailey and Alyssa (seen in the parade picture), we went camping with the entire family. What a great time.
Grand-pa actually took A LOT of pictures which you can see on his blog!

Another highlight of my trip was my haircut at Uncle Bob's salon!

My hair has never looked this nice!

I was also able to spend a lot of time with my friends Brecken (and her mom Michelle).

And her brother Truman. Here we are celebrating independance day! I can wave that flag now, I have a social security number!

And my favorite pass-time, the merry go round!

On our last day, we had a big BBQ at uncle bob's and aunt Claudia's with almost the entire family. Uunfortunately Wes and Cheryl and Zoe and Addy could not make it (I guess you'll have to come to france for your goodby kiss!).
Bob and Claudia have a great pond/lake in their back yard, and that boat ride was marvelous!

And that concludes my Ohio adventure. I really enjoyed spending so much time with each and every one of you. Seth, can you please come to Paris so that you can push me on the swing?! I miss you already and hope that we can be together soon. Lots of love...
(please stay tuned for the rest of my US adventure soon to be posted)

Monday, June 08, 2009

The first taste of summer in Champagne!

Our friends Pascal and Virginie, and their kids: Josephine, Gaspard, and Lucien invited us to their country home in the little town of Villars-en-Azois in the Champagne region of France. Our friends Xavier and Gaëlle, their kids: Gaspard, Owen, and Eole were there along with some other friends of Pascal and Virginie, Claire and Alan along with her kids: Robin and Elena!
WHEW! There was enough room for everyone, and with the beautiful weather a blast was had by all!

The water was chilly but the air was warm. So, I was lucky enough to try out my new swimsuit! I was wondering where daddy's bum had gone so we went out in the boat to look for it!

Both Pascale and Xavier's families are quite musically inclined so their boys sang some songs for their adoring fans.

Daddy brought bikes for all to use and for some, such as Virginie, Claire, and Gaëlle, it was their first time on a real "race" bike. Quite the hit I must admit!

If you're wondering why mommy and dad are laughing in this photo it's because it was taken by Pascale. Yes, he was dressed (or not) like in the following photo while taking the their picture! That would have made me laugh too!!