Saturday, September 03, 2005

Went to the game today and got some pics...this is the OSU Alumni Band, along with TBDBITL, doing Script Ohio times four.

The Bucks looked pretty good.


Willy said...

Wow....I'll bet you don't see anything that exciting in France!
Go Bucks!

sam-a-lama-ding-dong said...

wha-chew-sayin'...we have zinadine zidane (if you know who that is) only the best "football" player in the great big world! i saw him play live (on the tele) just the other day. jeez is he incredible. but...ok you're right...we don't have the script ohio or the bucks. malheuresement (that's unfortunately)pr. maal-e-hure-ez-mon(t) that's an aspired T. go bucks! et l'equipe francaise!!

TheVoiceofReason said...

Don't sprain something aspiring your Ts!

Who's he play for? I saw an Olympique Marseille vs. Lyon game when I was there in '98, and the Frenchies were getting into it.

The place rocked. I've followed OM ever since on their website.