Saturday, December 15, 2007

So to go to the United States mom and dad made me get on this big "thingy" that goes up, up, up! They called it an "airplane"; I called it my "flying home". It was quite interesting to look out the little round window at all the beautiful clouds.

It was quite nice of the airline folks to let me use a nifty little bed that attaches to the "bulk head" (whatever that is!). I slept well in it. It was kinda "cocoon-like".

Once in Los Angeles I was lucky enough to be staying at my new friends Jackson, Paige , and Matt's! In fact I was so elated at meeting my new American boyfriend I took my first steps for him!!! About 5 of them.

Then Jackson cooked me some food on his fine kitchenette!...

...and it didn't stop there, oh no. He called his chauffeur and took me on a tour of the house!! It was love at first sight.

We went to see my personal fertility goddess Sarah and her man Casper (unfortunately not pictured:-\ ).

Then we went to a great party at Debbie and Ricks! We made a new friend, thanks to Nate and Stacy, and he's a professional bike racer who's won a famous race called Paris-Roubiax. His name is Magnus. What a fine fella and what a sweet party!

The next morning there was a traffic jam around the sofa!

Today, lunch with "Girl-Sam"!!!!

...and tonight; dinner with Josie (my buddy with the flaming red hair) Jenn, and Jon!! (sorry for the lack of pictures of Jon:-\ )

The following day was lunch with our "car ferries" Uncle Art and Auntie Janet; along with wonderful family friends (best friends with Nana Nancy and Auntie Janet's parents) Lee and Bob Greenberg!!

Once we were finished with visiting as many of our L.A. friends as we could fit into just the few days we were there it was off to OHIO!!!

...where I met all of my Ohio family for the first time!!!
...This is Uncle Seth.

My uncle Wes (seen here between my Great Grandpa and Aunt Cheryl) is the new Principal of Licking Valley High School! Their Panther football team went to the State semi-finals...and then finals (where they didn't play as well as they could have...and lost :-( ), while we were in town!! So grandma watched me while everybody else went to the games!

...where dad got to sit with his childhood buddy Mark and his wife Liz!

Now, we're going to make an apology because there are no more pictures of the Ohio portion of our trip. Mom and dads camera took a "crap" and erased all the photos. :-( Totally bummed. But!, luckily for us we have grandma, grandpa, Uncle Bob and Aunt Claudia taking tons of pictures; so once Grandpa Weaver sends mom and dad a cd with all of the pictures we'll blog em' !

...anyhoo, on to the last stage of our fabulous trip...

Washington DC!!

Where I met daddy's old room mates Dave and Kate and their son Jack!
And...the day we left they gave birth to a new son, Matias!!!
Welcome to the world Mat!

Can you guess this famous landmark?

Strong "artsy-ups" to those who can tell me the artist who's sculpture is behind me and my "giant hands"! (hint: his work has appeared previously on my blog...)

Help!!! Help!!! I'm going to be trampled by an Elephant!!!!

Stopping through the "Primate" exhibit; we ran into an ancestor! dad thought this was an interesting snippet from yesteryear...

Can you create a fun caption for this photo?

At the (rather crappy daddy said) National Aquarium...

That crab in the background is literally as big as me! Yikes!

So I was lucky enough to spend every day, all day, with daddy while mom was delivering a "talk" to a bunch of other "geeks" at a Cell Biology convention.

In the Washington Monument, with the White House in the background.
I wouldn't stay still for dad so sorry for the blur. :-|

I got to meet Leonard, the son of mom and dads friends from Paris (Pierre and Aurelie)

Then mommy was able to take a bit of time off to come out with daddy and me! daddy decided to crawl out of a GIANT vagina to join us!

Calder, Hopper, Matisse, Picasso,...We must be at the National Gallery of Art!!

Mom and Aurelie with kids. (the second one with Aurelie is a kid she watches for their neighbor)

Mom, Aurelie, and Stephanie in front of the Capital Building.
Oh, and as you can see, it snowed!!!

Once again: The "Shrubs" house.

Well, that's it for my first big adventure to the U.S.A.!!
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Until the next blog...


Willy said...
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Willy said...

Just relooking through these pics. She is so adorable in all these settings. So Hope I can get Sightspeed up and running so we can visit together again!