Monday, July 09, 2007

The parents of The Weeze getting a little sideways at a "Blonde Party"

Those are our friends Laure and Nicolas

Laure and Mel with the mother of the host...that's why it's a "blonde party", like mother like son;-)

...and should you wonder why we're outfitted in "sporty" outfits, and Mel miraculously has blue eyes; our host "Greg-o" is not only blonde and blue eyed, but a competitive high jumper, thus the blue-eyed sporty motif...


Eggus-Liptus-Vetus-Jontus said...

I love the blonde hair!! It looks good on you Sam. So did you just color all of the gray blonde?

Willy said...

Cool get ups! Sure.....You all look like French High Jumpers!